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    The Idea Of
    Aquacity Metaverse

    The idea of Aquacity originated when a passionate group of young adults banded together in an attempt to solve several key issues happening within the Sandbox at the moment.

    As a result, these youngsters, who also happen to be specialists in the field of digital assets, came up with the idea of Aquacity, an aquatic-themed metaverse. Our core team consists of senior programmers and designers,some of whom are former Coinbase platform programmers.

    Aquacity Metaverse aims to create an entertaining yetprofitable system within our platform in order to fulfil our users’ desire to earn unlimited passive incomes from a single project.

    The Future Of
    Aquacity Metaverse

    Version 1

    Several types of 2D games will be developed in the very first phase of the Aquacity game.

    Version 2

    3D games will be added in the second phase of the Aquacity game. The 3D games will focus on the experience in a sense of communication and attract more gamers to join the game.

    Version 3

    The end goal of the Aquacity metaverse is the interaction build of character vs real life experience, whereby the player controls through the VR/AR system in Aquacity metaverse.


    Explore the newest addition to the Aquacity Metaverse, where users are able to generate tokens while driving. Aquacity’s DIVE2EARN features engaging daily activities and tasks to fulfill in order to earn rewards.

    DIVE2EARN also features a myriad of Aquamount which provides both aesthetic and in-game enhancement purposes!

    Aquacity's DIVE2EARN will be coming to you soon!

    Stay tuned for more information.

    The Pros Of Aquacity Metaverse

    The mission of the Aquacity metaverse is to work as a center to integrate all kinds of functions in every metaverse project.


    The Concept Realized: Chapter 2 of AQUACITY - SKYCITY Virtual World (Teaser)

    SKYCITY is a brand new concept virtual world. In SKYCITY, you exist as a spiritual being, wearing state-of-the-art AR technology that allows you to experience sensory feedback just like in the physical world. SKYCITY enables you to seamlessly transfer various activities from the physical world to the virtual world, including work, meetings, personal performances, teaching, and more. From creation to completion to transmission, everything can be achieved within the virtual world. It will be interwoven with AQUACITY x SKYCITY…

    Coming Soon...

    Aquacity NFT

    $AQCT Launch In BSC Chain

    $AQCT is the Digital Currency of Aquacity Metaverse and is mintable in BNB Chain. The total supply of the token is limited to 100,000,000 and is earned by NFT staking in the Aquacity Mataverse.


    Liquidity pool value
    increment mechanism


    The tokens and NFTS of the AQUACITY metaverse can be easily traded with the BSC blockchain explorer. We are working to form our very own AQUACITY DAO, which allows our holders to become a part of the project, enabling them to vote and decide for the future of the AQUACITY Metaverse.

    Latest News

    AQUA 2024, Aquacity's highly anticipated annual event, took place on May 9, 2024, at the prestigious BTC Space in Phuket, Thailand. Sponsored by Polygon, Tesla, MajaLabs, StepVC, VARLive, Cheersland, Finstable, and BSCS, the event promised a day filled with innovation, inspiration, and celebration. Let's take a closer look at the highlights of this unforgettable gathering.
    In the field of cryptocurrency, people often hear a mysterious term - "coin circle inscription". What exactly is it? What is its purpose? Aquacity will uncover this mystery, taking you deep into the meaning and importance of coin circle inscriptions.
    As the first light of the Lunar New Year dawns, cities worldwide come alive with vibrant colors, captivating sounds, and rich traditions of Chinese New Year. This annual festival, spanning 15 days, is a time of celebration, family reunions, and cultural reverence.