Blockchain Leaders Gather for Day 2 of B2GC

On the second day of the B2GC Event, January 18, 2024, at the BTC Space in Phuket, Thailand blockchain leaders discussed several aspects of this disruptive technology. Finstable CMO Dorian Bezzina began the day with insights into blockchain marketing dynamics, while Sebastian R. Cabrera, VP of Product at Polygon ID, Polygon, gave a modern definition of digital identification. Emilio Canessa, Head of Global Adoption at DFINITY Foundation, discussed the digital identity revolution.

Industry experts discussed national identity systems’ evolution and ramifications in a compelling panel debate. Zack Gall, Co-Founder & CCO of EOS Network, and Sarah Song, APAC Business Development Lead at BNB Chain, discussed the changing financial landscape.

A panel of industry professionals discussed blockchain’s transformational power in finance. Akkaraphol Raebaankoh, Head of Research & Development at DTC Group, highlighted blockchain and education.

The Morpheus Educational Metaverse, examined by Kasetsart and Thammasat University speakers, showed the future of education. Education experts discussed blockchain’s transformational role in education on a panel.

A thought-provoking debate with industry leaders focused on voting and Social DAO. Tanakorn Karode, CTO of Finstable, discussed blockchain-based securitized insurance, while Jason Lee, Co-Founder & CTO of MEDS DNZ, and Wong Kok Hoe, Marketing & Business Development Director (APAC) at Chintai, discussed regulated digital assets and net-zero futures

Mantle Network Head of Ecosystem Research Derek Lim explored blockchain in social companies and cultural activities. Sean Chung, RWA Business Lead APAC at Chainlink Labs, discussed how Chainlink CCIP unlocks real-world asset usage.

Anton Dmitriev, Founder & Co-Founder of W3G GROUP FZCO, discussed full-stack payment solutions to end the day. Natrada Sribuathong, MELON’s MC, concluded a day of insightful discussions, laying the way for a hopeful future in blockchain and its many uses.

Aquacity After Party

A Night of Networking, Fun, and Metaverse Magic

As the sun set over the vibrant city of Phuket, the energy shifted gears from the insightful discussions of the B2GC Event to the much-anticipated Aquacity After Party. Held in the bustling heart of the city, this event promised an immersive experience that seamlessly blended business with pleasure.

Aquacity’s After Party was a celebration and a convergence of diverse minds from the blockchain and gaming community. Attendees, including industry leaders, enthusiasts, and influencers, gathered to unwind, connect, and explore the metaverse in a whole new light.

The party that was held at the CryptoCoff Café was graced by the presence of Aquacity’s top executives, CEO VC, and COO Athena Sofia, who welcomed guests with warmth and enthusiasm. The ambiance was set with futuristic neon lights, reflecting the innovative spirit of Aquacity.

Adding a touch of sophistication to the evening were Aquacity Co-founder Jackson Neo and advisor Serhat Yanar, who mingled with the crowd, sharing insights and fostering connections. Their presence added an extra layer of expertise to an already dynamic gathering.

As the night progressed, the air was filled with excitement and laughter, echoing the success of the day’s events. The party served not only as a celebration of achievements but also as a testament to the thriving community that Aquacity has cultivated.

In a world where digital connections are becoming increasingly significant, the Aquacity After Party was a refreshing reminder that behind every digital interaction, there’s a real person with ideas, dreams, and a story to share. The event successfully brought the virtual and physical worlds together, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.