The Team

The members of the Aquacity project team are fully committed to the project on technology development, transparent governance, community service, and the construction based on the latest marine species cards in the biological sciences, in order to boost the stability in the development of the Aquacity Metaverse. The team members are all elites from all kinds of industries, and their introduction are as follows:


CEO & Co-Founder

VC is our progressive co-founder who has numerous notable achievements within the Web 3.0 industry. Starting off as an ordinary businessman with an inquisitive mind, VC has taken the chance to dabble into the Web 3.0 industry during its early stages and successfully built and contributed in many notable platforms. Starting off from VC’s pilot project City of Dreams, He then moved onto Age of Tanks and finally Aquacity at present. Displaying good leadership and communication skills, VC is the driving factor behind Aquacity’s success.

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Jackson Neo


Renowned for his innovative vision and profound contributions to the technology and blockchain industries, Jackson Neo is a respected leader and plays a vital role as an Advisor to Aquacity. Jacskon Neo, as the founder of Defination PTE Ltd., has been instrumental in pioneering initiatives that incorporate blockchain technology and GameFi seamlessly, reshaping the nature of virtual experiences in the Aquacity ecosystem.

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Athena Sofia

COO & Co-Founder

Athena Sofia, COO and Co-founder of Aquacity is a distinguished professional who holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Deakin University and specializes in fintech services. With 11 years of experience in the financial industry, Athena has established herself as an expert in strategic planning, product management, and front-end sales. And as an innovator in emerging technologies, she is also a key member of StepN which developed a Web3 lifestyle app that incentivizes physical activity with an underwater concept of drive-to-earn called Dive-to-Earn.

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Serhat Yanar


As an experienced entrepreneur and key member of the Aquacity advisory board, Serhat Yanar stands out in the blockchain and entrepreneurship spheres. Yanar has been instrumental in the launch of more than 65 Initial Gaming Offerings (IGOs), contributing significantly to the expansion of Aquacity’s GameFi Metaverse ecosystem.  Aquacity and other blockchain ventures benefit from Serhat Yanar’s strategic insight, which he provides in his role as an advisor.

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Vincent Tse


As a seasonend professional in venture capitals, Vincent Tse has played pivotal roles in steering successful investments, contributing to the growth of emerging startups, and fostering innovation in the financial landscape. His strategic foresight and ability to navigate the ever-evolving market dynamics make him a standout figure in the world of finance.

Vincent’s strategic visions shapes FVLaunch’s narrative, seamlessly intergrating blockchain and venture capital principles. With a proven track record of identifying opportunities, Vincent Tse propels FVLaunch into the future, where innovation meets financial accessibility.

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Regional Manager

Jackob is our spontaneous Regional Manager with more than 9 years of experience in financial market management, in which 6 of those years are in the fields of cryptocurrency. During his time, he has also helped managed a community of over 50,000 people. Additionally, he has also contributed to Yugi Labs and Hypoclub as their community manager. Jackob will leverage his past experiences to being a better and improved community to Aquacity!

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SEA Regional Manager

Eaven is Aquacity’s Regional Manager who is also an experienced finance professional with a 7-year track record in Forex and Crypto markets. He has proven expertise in navigating the complexities of financial markets, demonstrating strategic decision-making and analytical skills. Eaven is also Adopt at leveraging market trends to optimize trading outcomes, making him the perfect fit for our team.

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Adrian Zakhary


Adrian Zakhary is the versatile Chief Technical Officer of Aquacity who is also founder and chairman of MAJA LABS, a well renowned Blockchain business incubator in Indonesia. Having graduated from the University of Indonesia with a Masters of Economics, Adrian is very well versed in providing the most efficient solution to Aquacity’s problems.

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Jarvis Keaton

Chief Community Management Officer

Jarvis is Aquacity’s latest addition with a proven track record during his time as Solana Lab’s former community manager. Using his extensive knowledge and community, Jarvis’s purpose is to rally members into Aquacity’s community with the intention to create a community exceeding that of Solana Labs. With his support Aquacity Metaverse is sure to reach greater heights
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Billy Leow


Billy Leow is the enthusiastic Chief Marketing Officer of the Aquacity Metaverse project. He graduated from RMIT University with a bachelor’s degree in business and specializes in marketing management. Having been an aspiring gamer himself, Billy is capable of combining his perspective as a business entrepreneur and gamer itself to create the ideal environment within Aquacity.

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Carlo Bryan


Carlo’s experience as an eCommerce expert, web designer, developer, and project manager, combined with his innovative approach to incubating crypto and Gamefi projects, makes him an asset to his organization. His ability to forge partnerships across industries and manage projects holistically has earned him a reputation as a forward-thinking leader. Carlo’s diverse skill set ensures his company stays at the forefront of digital evolution, driving growth and success.

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Dean of Education & Training Department

Ehric is Aquacity’s Dean of Education & Training Department who previously graduated from the National University of Singapore with a major in Finance. Ehric’s passion for digital currencies started in 2017 when he achieved nearly 200-fold growth with his BNB tokens. In 2021, Ehric served as one of the directors of a business school which provides incubation services for many companies, effectively creating a total output value of more than 100 Million dollars for the company within one year. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast and web 3.0 optimist, Ehric believes in the potential of Aquacity in the coming future.

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Director of Operations

Shawn, Director of Operations at Aquacity, is a seasoned professional with a background as a Technical Advisor for a prominent fintech company. Specializing in backend engagement, Shawn plays a pivotal role in ensuring operational efficiency. His wealth of experience contributes to Aquacity’s success by implementing strategic solutions and optimizing backend processes. As a key team member, Shawn’s expertise fosters excellence in operational management within the company.

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Chief Services Officer

KK, Chief Services Officer at Aquacity, is a seasoned professional with prior experience as a Project Manager at a global project incubation company. Specializing in solutions for digital products, KK ensures seamless coordination and efficiency in Aquacity’s operations. His expertise in managing diverse projects contributes to the company’s success by optimizing supply chain processes. As a key member, KK plays a crucial role in enhancing Aquacity’s overall operational excellence.

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Director of Education and Training Department

Belle, Director of Education and Training at Aquacity, leads with expertise. Committed to nurturing talent, she oversees educational initiatives. Belle’s strategic guidance shapes Aquacity’s workforce, ensuring excellence in training programs. With a dedication to continuous learning, she fortifies Aquacity’s position at the forefront of innovation. As a key leader, Belle is instrumental in fostering a culture of knowledge and skill advancement within the company.

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Ann Tuazon


Ann Tuazon is a versatile professional with a wealth of experience in community management, social media, content creation, and marketing. As a creative writer and lead content manager, she has a talent for crafting compelling messaging that resonates with audiences and has leveraged this skillset in various industries, serving as both operations and marketing manager for organizations of all sizes.

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Head of Data Analysis (Asia Pacific)

John is Aquacity’s Head of Technical Data for the Asia Pacific region. Originally from Singapore, John graduated from Kaplan’s Department of Finance majoring in economics and accounting. Upon graduation, John focused on researching cryptocurrency and web3.0, mastering fundamental trading strategies and risk management within the digital trading field. John believes in the potential of Web3.0 for the metaverse and blockchain sectors.

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Head of Technical Analysis (Asia Pacific)

Leo is Aquacity’s Head of Technical Analysis for the Asia Pacific Region. Originally from Singapore, Leo graduated from a private university in Malaysia with a major in business management. By chance, Leo came into contact with Digital Currencies while working for a foreign exchange company and it was at that point where Leo never looked back. Upon joining Aquacity in 2021, Leo has steadily contributed to its growth and is currently one of the backbones behind the company.

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Commercial Department Manager (Taiwan)

Kristy Tan, Aquacity’s Commercial Department Manager is a seasoned marketing and administrative professional who holds an alma matter From The University of Melbourne for business administration. As the former Customer Relationship Manager at Citibank, she managed portfolios surpassing $100 million in assets. Demonstrating strategic acumen at Shopee Singapore as Marketing Development Manager, Kristy now applies her marketing expertise to the dynamic blockchain industry.

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Zheng Zheng

Commercial Department Manager (China)

Zheng Zheng is Aquacity’s lively Commercial Department Manager for the regions of China. Having graduated from Chongqing’s University of Arts and Science, Zheng Zheng started her career as a real estate manager. During her initial career, Zheng Zheng discovered the potentials of Digital Real Estates and subsequently the potential applications of the metaverse. Using her vast knowledge and reliability as a commercial manager, Zheng Zheng’s formidable management skill instills confidence for the members of Aquacity.

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Sales & Financial Manager

Jackshen is the charismatic Sales & Financial Manager of Aquacity who graduated from the PSB Academy of Singapore with a major in Finance.With a background in fundraising management affiliated with banks and private equity sales management, Jackshen brings a wealth of expertise to his role. His dynamic approach and financial knowledge contributes significantly to Aquacity’s success, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

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Market Integration Manager

Yasmin, Market Integration Manager at Aquacity, is an experienced professional previously serving as the Head Consultant of a refinancing firm. Specializing in providing solutions for asset growth, Yasmin is instrumental in integrating market strategies for Aquacity. Her expertise enhances the company’s success by optimizing market integration processes and fostering opportunities for asset growth. As a valuable team member, Yasmin’s proficiency in strategic planning and financial consulting plays a pivotal role in driving Aquacity’s market integration initiatives.

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Public Relations Manager

Amirul, Public Relations Manager at Aquacity, is a former top broker for a foreign exchange firm. With expertise in socializing with clients and facilitating understanding, Amirul seamlessly connects with stakeholders. His background contributes to Aquacity’s success, enhancing client relations and fostering effective communication. Amirul plays a pivotal role in maintaining a positive public image for the company.

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Communication & Interaction Manager

Chomphoo is Aquacity’s Communication & Interaction Manager who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Having prior experience with administrative tasks and content creation for startup companies, Chomphoo specializes in Marketing for based gaming projects. With her diverse set of skills and creativity, Chomphoo readily stands as one of Aquacity’s pillars.

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Perth Uy

Graphic Designer

Perth is a graphic artist with five years of experience creating digital 2D illustrations. Works in creative industries such as graphic design and animation. He is passionate about producing colorful and alluring graphics that capture the client’s ideas. He also has an eye for detail and approaches each job enthusiastically and with originality, creating images from an idea to sketch to the finished product.

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Techie Nadong

Community Team Leader

Techie is a community moderator in different projects for almost 2 years now. With her experience, maintaining a harmonious environment, where community members engage positively, exchange ideas, and contribute to the benefit of the community and the project, is an easy task.

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