Dive 2 Earn

A brand-new drive to earn feature from the Aquacity Metaverse

    Aquacity Dive to Earn (D2E)

    Our latest addition, Aquacity Dive to Earn (D2E), is a mobile-driving blockchain application that allows everyone to earn cryptocurrency in the easiest way possible through daily movement, driving, walking, traveling, and business trips. No need to invest or spend extra time playing games to earn cryptocurrency, as long as you have the habit of moving every day.

    By helping Aquacity build the community, members of Aquacity D2E can also earn up to 35% extra profit based on the character NFT owned. Aquacity D2E is an innovative way to make short or long periods of idle time profitable and enjoyable. With its clear goal of becoming one of the world leaders in mobile driving, Aquacity D2E has laid the foundation for the global blockchain market share, making it a valuable addition to the Aquacity metaverse.


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    D2E's Backstory

    2020: 70% of the world is covered by the ocean and yet only 5% of it was developed and explored.


    With excessive development on land, humans have realized that the resources on the ground are nearing depletion. As a result, they have turned to AQUACITY, a city that has been developing in the ocean for several decades, to seek solutions. AQUACITY, as a branch of humanity, has promised to work together with humans to face the current challenges.

    Currently, AQUACITY has developed 25% of the ocean and has discovered more sources of renewable energy. AQUACITY has appropriately managed resource allocation, and the thriving underwater city is now known as the “City of Hope.” AQUACITY has named this initiative the D2E (From the Depths to the Earth) operation and has deployed evolved marine creatures to assist humans in transporting resources. The marine creatures involved in the D2E operation are Qi, Lu, Mex, and Gho, each equipped with advanced technological devices.

    The D2E operation is just the beginning of a plan. Qi, Lu, Mex, and Gho are only the marine creatures assigned to this operation. AQUACITY will carry out more actions to assist humans on land, and in the future, they will deploy even more advanced creatures with state-of-the-art equipment in these operations.


    How To Play

    Aquacity D2E will generate the corresponding profits according to your driving time and distance.

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    5% of Total Profit is automatically converted into $AQCT

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