Diving into Tomorrow’s Waves: Aquacity Seminar Unveils Vision for an Immersive Aquatic Metaverse

Bangkok, Thailand - December 10, 2023

Aquacity, at the forefront of digital assets and metaverse innovation, recently hosted an engaging seminar, “งานประชุมสัมนา Aquacity,” at อร่อย Together in Bangkok, Thailand. This event served as a platform not only for the Thai and Cambodian teams to unite but also to unveil the exciting developments and future trajectory of Aquacity in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Introduction to Aquacity

Aquacity’s inception stems from the passion of a group of visionaries who identified unaddressed challenges in the sandbox’s growth. With a team of senior programmers and designers, including former Coinbase platform developers, Aquacity Metaverse aims to create a platform where entertainment seamlessly merges with profitability, providing users with unlimited passive income opportunities.

Event Highlights

Introduction by Thai Consultant:

The seminar commenced with an introduction by Aquacity’s Thai consultant, setting the stage for an insightful journey into the world of Aquacity. This aligns with Aquacity’s founding principle of addressing challenges in the sandbox’s growth.

Sneak Peeks of Aquacity’s Future:

Attendees were treated to exclusive previews of Aquacity’s developmental phases. The unveiling of 2D games in the first phase and the anticipation of 3D games in the second phase resonates with Aquacity’s vision to continually innovate and enhance the user experience.

Luncheon & Networking:

A short luncheon provided an opportunity for team members to connect and discuss Aquacity’s future trajectory. This mirrors Aquacity’s commitment to fostering collaboration and unity within its diverse teams.

AMA Session by Consultants:

The highlight of the seminar was an engaging Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session led by Aquacity’s consultants. This interactive session allowed team members to delve into the intricacies of Aquacity’s ultimate goal – enabling players to control in-game characters through real-life movement using VR/AR systems.

The Aquacity Seminar not only showcased the organization’s innovative strides but also provided a tangible connection to its mission, demonstrating how each aspect of the event aligns with Aquacity’s commitment to creating a dynamic and integrated aquatic metaverse