Transcend: A Fusion of Digital Fashion and Blockchain Extravaganza

In a harmonious marriage of luxury and innovation, Transcend, a dynamic side event during the esteemed Future Blockchain Summit, unfolded on October 17, 2023, at the picturesque Retreat Palm Dubai by Sofitel. Attendees were treated to an immersive experience, delving into the enchanting intersection of digital fashion and blockchain technology.

Hosted by Aquacity, City of Dreams, Maja Labs, and Drezzo, the journey commenced with an enlightening workshop held in the Club Lounge, setting the stage for an exploration of cutting-edge concepts and revolutionary technologies.

Participants were welcomed into the visionary realms of Aquacity, City of Dreams, and Drezzo. The workshop unfolded as a journey through the metaverse, providing a glimpse into the innovative initiatives that define these groundbreaking projects.

Create to Earn

The workshop delved into the revolutionary Create-to-Earn model, unraveling the unique approach that empowers creators to unleash their artistic potential while earning tangible rewards. Attendees gained insights into how Drezzo’s Create-to-Earn initiative is reshaping the landscape of digital fashion.


Tech enthusiasts were treated to an exploration of VODEX and AquaGPT, delving into the advanced realms of AI and blockchain that propel Aquacity’s ecosystem forward. The workshop provided a deeper understanding of the technological marvels shaping the future.

As the afternoon progressed, participants engaged in a stimulating panel discussion held in the Club Lounge. Esteemed industry leaders shared their insights, offering a glimpse into the future and addressing the transformative trends anticipated in 2024.

The panel discussion provided a forward-looking perspective, giving attendees a preview of the trends, innovations, and challenges on the horizon. The exchange of ideas fostered a rich discussion that resonated with the event’s theme of transcending boundaries.

Guiding the attendees through this spectacular event were the hosts of the evening, Jackson Neo and Athena Sofia. Their expertise and charismatic hosting elevated the Transcend experience, ensuring an evening filled with inspiration and unforgettable moments.

Industry luminaries shared their expertise, presenting a comprehensive market forecast. The discussion spanned across diverse topics, including the integration of blockchain and fashion, providing valuable insights for both seasoned professionals and those new to the industry.

The event featured a lineup of distinguished guest speakers, including Dr. Jane Thomason, Serhat Yanar, Jorge Sebastiao, Ashish Kumar Jain, Jacob Liu, and Adrian Zachary. Each speaker brought a unique perspective, enriching the event with profound insights and thought-provoking discussions.

The day culminated in an exquisite affair at the Beach Front Deck, where attendees witnessed the showcase of the latest in digital fashion. As the sun set over the Dubai skyline, the Beach Front Deck transformed into a digital runway, featuring the mesmerizing Drezzo Collection. Attendees were treated to a visual extravaganza, witnessing the seamless fusion of technology and artistry.

The evening continued with a delectable dinner buffet, offering a culinary journey that mirrored the diversity and innovation showcased throughout the event. Attendees mingled, networked, and savored the flavors of inspiration.

As the night unfolded, Transcend emerged not just as an event but as an experience that transcended boundaries, redefining the future of fashion and technology. Attendees left with a profound appreciation for the limitless possibilities when digital fashion met the brilliance of blockchain innovation. Transcend will be remembered as a milestone where luxury, technology, and creativity converged in the heart of Dubai.


Finally, Aquacity would like to thank all the sponsors and media partners who made this event possible. Cheers to the Digital Fashion Future!